What time is the course?

The course start time may vary. It will be listed on the course location and dates page and in the initial email you received after making the booking.

I have completed a first aid / CPR course recently. Do I need to do your CPR First Aid course?

No you don’t. However I will need evidence that you have done this and I need copy of this to keep on the evening. The evidence must detail to what level of training you have undertaken. It is my responsibility to make sure you have been trained to the boards expectations, so I must be able to verify this before I can submit your competency to the EWRB. Training must have been completed in New Zealand and meet the Level 2 requirements of 6401 and 6402 (or 26551 and 26552).

I have an overseas registration and am looking to apply for registration in New Zealand. Can you help?

Yes I can. The course you need is a little more involved than the standard refresher course though, so please let me know if this is your situation and I will cater for your requirements. You will need to complete some paperwork (additional questionaires) before the course.

How do I book to attend your course?

Select the course - registration tab for a course in your area. Complete the form and submit. I will reply to your email address with a confirmation of booking. Alternately contact me via the contact us tab (preferable for multiple bookings).

What test equipment do I need to bring?

Candidates are to bring the following with them

  • Their e-learning certificate
  • Safety Glasses
  • Test equipment (list below) verified “in test”
  • Electrical registration card or photo ID (eg drivers licence)
  • Recommended - AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 3760, Electrical (Safety) Regulations, Supervision Guidelines.
  • First Aid Certificate (if not doing the first aid module with this course)

Test Equipment by registration type.


  • Multimeter
  • Insulation Tester
  • RCD Tester


  • Multimeter
  • Insulation Tester
  • Loop Impedance meter
  • RCD Tester


  • Voltage detector (or multimeter)
  • Earth tester (or multimeter)
  • Insulation Tester
  • Polarity tester (or multimeter)
  • Loop Impedance meter


  • Voltage detector (or multimeter)
  • Earth tester (or multimeter)
  • Insulation tester
  • Polarity test (or multimeter)


Candidates without their own test equipment or safety glasses please make contact with the course provider before the course. Be aware your practical assessment may take longer.

Will I receive a certificate?

The board does not require me to issue certificates for refresher courses. I submit your details direct to the EWRB. However if your employer needs confirmation you have attended I can provide this via email.

Can you issue me an invoice?

From 2018 on wards payments will not be accepted on the night and payment will need to be made in advance and clear my account 5 days prior to the course to confirm your place on the course. You should receive an invoice within a few days after making the booking via email. Please contact us if you do not receive this invoice.

Can I contact you if I have a question regarding application of the rules and regulations?

Yes certainly. Send me an email from the Contact Us page on this site and I will endeavor to reply and cite the appropriate rule / regulation. Alternatively check out www.electricalforum.co.nz where there are many experts available to assist.

I have a large company with over 12 employees that need refreshing. Can you come to our location and refresh us?

Absolutely. Please get in touch via contact us and we will work out a schedule that is suitable for us all.

How do I access the prelearning modules?

Prior to the candidates attending the course they must complete 2 e-learning modules, print and bring the certificate with them to the course. https://ewrb-learning.co.nz/register/

To login simply enter your names and either your registration or EW number, as well as your email address. The box for region helps us determine the demand in various regions throughout NZ.
What is an EW number? An EW number is your unique file number with the EWRB, if you have yet to get an EW number from the EWRB – discuss this with your Provider as they can offer an alternative ID.
This site is separate from the EWRB website/login and does not require Realme authentication. If this is happening you have been sent the wrong link.
If you don’t complete the module in one go and need to leave the site you can easily login later by clicking on the “Login” link at the top right of the page. Or if you have logged in previously you can go directly to that page by this link:


As usual if you forget your password you can get a reset whereby a new password is emailed to you.

What device to use?
The best views of the modules will be gained using a PC, laptop or medium sized tablet. The modules are not designed for smartphones and you will experience difficulty both navigating through the modules and downloading the completion certificate.

Resolving issues with the modules
First step is to either contact your Provider or if they can’t be contacted ring 0800 66 1000 and talk to the EWRB contact centre. They will either advise you or escalate the issue to the “experts”.
The best advice we can give is don’t leave doing the modules till the day before attending the course as problems can’t always be attended to promptly.

Printing or downloading the completion certificates.
Completion of the on-line modules is a compulsory part of the whole Competence Programme and only your course provider can confirm completion of the Competence Programme to to the EWRB. Therefore they need to be able to see proof that the modules have been completed. There are a number of options; you can print a certificate following the instructions in the manual, or download a pdf or screen shot to show your provider on the day of the course. If all this fails please discuss with your Provider as they have access to lists of completed modules (hence the EW number ID to help identify you). As the accessing is time consuming they would prefer that you turn up with the proof on the day.The 0880 66 1000 number can also be used to send a request through to the MBIE Occupational Licensing Team who can also access these lists to send confirmation to your Provider.