What time is the course?

For Hawkes Bay and Gisborne - each course starts promptly at 5:30pm and is usually finished around 8:30-9:00pm

For Links courses see  www.links-ltd.co.nz/index.php/services/electrical-workers-first-aid-compliance

What test equipment do I need to bring?

If you are registered as an EAS or EST please bring a multi-meter and an insulation tester (Megger)

If you are registered as an Electrician or Inspector please bring a multi-meter, insulation tester, Loop impedance meter, and RCD tester

If you are registered as a line mechanic or cable jointer, please bring a multi-meter and an insulation tester (Megger)

Is there anything else I need to bring?

Yes. I need to sight photo ID (Drivers Licence, Passport etc) at the end of the course.
You may wish to bring a memory stick and I can supply you with copies of some of the legislation material.

I’m a line mechanic / cable jointer. Can I attend your course?

If you are a cable jointer or line mechanic please let me know. The course I run is compliant for works industry however I need to get you to complete a separate questionnaire.

I have an overseas registration and am looking to apply for registration in New Zealand. Can you help?

Yes I can. The course you need is a little more involved than the standard refresher course though, so please let me know if this is your situation and I will cater for your requirements.

I have completed a first aid / CPR course recently. Do I need to do your CPR First Aid course?

No you don’t. However I will need evidence that you have done this and I need copy of this to keep on the evening. The evidence must detail to what level of training you have undertaken. It is my responsibility to make sure you have been trained to the boards expectations, so I must be able to verify this before I can submit your competency to the EWRB.

Will I receive a certificate?

The board does not require me to issue certificates for refresher courses. I submit your details direct to the EWRB. However if your employer needs confirmation you have attended I can provide this via email.

Can you issue me an invoice?

If you are an approved customer in my database I can issue an invoice. However this can not be requested on the evening, it must be arranged in advanced. If your system requires order numbers these also must be supplied. Invoices are only emailed so a valid email address is required. Accepting my terms of trade is also a requirement. I also accept cheque, cash and internet transfer (mobile banking) on the evening for all customers, and will issue you a GST receipt on the spot. Invoices can be sent in advance provided they are settled before the training session.

Can I contact you if I have a question regarding application of the rules and regulations?

Yes certainly. Send me an email from the Contact Us page on this site and I will endeavor to reply and cite the appropriate rule / regulation.

I have a large company with over 12 employees that need refreshing. Can you come to our location and refresh us?

Absolutely. Please get in touch and we will work out a schedule that is suitable for us all.

How do I book to attend your course?

Select the course - registration tab for a course in your area. Complete the form and submit. I will reply to your email address with a confirmation of booking. Alternately contact me via the contact us tab.